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Guangzhou Nixiya Garment Co.,Ltd., established in 1999, it specialize in manufacturering Dresses, Skirts, T-shirts, Blouse, Coats, Sweaters, Pants and offering OEM/ODM order service throughout the world. Also we have our own brand NEW FEELING and 6 shops overseas.

Factory occupies an area of 2000 m², with advanced equipments and professional workers, Our sample leadtime is 3 work-days, bulk production delivery time is 15 work-days. Every year we have more than 8000+ new designs in mass production.

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Our 24 order processing workers strictly ensure every detail of every piece clothing and delivery time, make sure every product is perfect to be handing to our customers.


Our News

    • 25/2023/Aug

    What is the difference between OEM and ODM clothing?

    In the ever-evolving world of fashion, various terms and acronyms are often used to describe different aspects of the industry. Two such terms that are often encountered are OEM and ODM apparel. Although they sound similar, they actually refer to different manufacturing processes and can have a s...

  • The best alternatives to the blazer
    • 19/2022/Oct

    The best alternatives to the blazer

    We are already in the middle of autumn, and although we have taken out all the warm clothes, the temperatures are still not low enough to spend all day with the jacket on. Therefore, with this mid-season climate, we always have in doubt what jacket to wear so as not to be cold or hot, while at th...

  • Winter jackets to wear this winter You will love them!
    • 13/2022/Oct

    Winter jackets to wear this winter You will love them!

    Winter jackets are that garment that every wardrobe must have for cold days. In general, a jacket is that garment of a small thickness that we use to protect ourselves from the cold and the wind. These are changing every year according to the trend, in the same way there are the classic models wi...